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A win-win Alliance! Hzymes Biotech & Wuhan University Have Agreed To Collaborate On Technological Research And Development.

On February 15th, on the occasion of the Lantern Festival, the signing ceremony of the technology research and development cooperation between Hzymes and Wuhan University was held in Wuhan. Yang Guangyu, Chairman of Hzymes Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Xie Yuan, General Manager, Xu Yongzhen, Deputy Dean of the School of Life Sciences, Wuhan University, and Fan Yujie, an associate researcher, attended the signing ceremony.


HZYMES & WHU technology research and development cooperation agreement

At the beginning of the event, the two sides had a discussion and exchange of views. During the exchange, Yang Guangyu, chairman of Hzymes, said that the School of Life Sciences of Wuhan University is an academic center of life science research in China. Carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of technology research, achievement transformation, talent introduction and training, and constantly promote the in-depth development of cooperation between the two parties, and work together to make more beneficial explorations for the health of the people and health industry.

Xu Yongzhen, deputy dean of the School of Life Sciences of Wuhan University, said that he is very optimistic about the prospect of cooperation between the two parties and admires the market acumen of Hanhai New Enzyme. He hoped that the two sides can give full play to their respective advantages, communicate and collide with each other, and do more work in the market transformation of cutting-edge technologies.

HZYMES & WHU技术研发合作签约

According to the cooperation agreement, the cooperation project between the two parties is the research on the efficient synthesis process of circular RNA. This research intends to establish a technology platform for obtaining circular RNA in large quantities through the mechanism of reverse splicing and forming a ring, and to explore the purification process of circular RNA. Finally, a circular RNA production process suitable for industrial application in the field of RNA pharmaceuticals was established.


HZYMES & WHU signed a contract

It is reported that the School of Life Sciences of Wuhan University is an important base for life science research, biotechnology development and industrialization in China.

As the world’s leading biopharmaceutical special enzyme R&D and application platform, Hzymes is also with tremendous strength. At present, the company’s products have covered in vitro diagnosis, biomedicine and other fields, and the technology and R&D team are at the top level in the domestic raw material engineering field.

The strong alliance between the two parties will help both parties give full play to their unique advantages, realize resource and technology complementarity and advantage sharing, jointly carry out technological innovation, develop industrial markets, and promote the scientific and technological progress of China’s life and health industry. 

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