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Hzymes Biotech mRNA raw materials help domestic new COVID vaccines complete the US FDA IND application.

June 22, 2022, Zhejiang Haichang Biomedicine Technology Co., Ltd. (Haichang Biotech) independently developed a novel Coronavirus mRNA vaccine booster, a strategic cooperative project of the Cell and Gene Therapy Innovation Center (CGTIC) at Beijing Tsinghua Industrial R&D Institute. Lower JaneSaid: HC009) completed the U.S. FDA IND application (acceptance number: IND28424). Cell and Gene Therapy The Therapeutic Innovation Center (CGTIC) provided R & D and CDMO services for the project, completing the delivery of multiple batches of gram-grade GMP-mRNA.


As a strategic partner of the Tsinghua Institute of Technology and Research Cell and Gene Therapy Innovation Center (CGTIC) (operated and managed by Beijing Lotuslake biomedical Co., Ltd), Hzymes would like to extend our sincere congratulations to CG TIC and Haichang


As a high-quality and large-scale supplier of core raw materials for mRNA enzymatic synthesis, Hzymes Biotech has established strategic cooperation with Beijing Lotuslake biomedical Co., Ltd since 2021. We attach great importance to the collaboration and opportunities in the mRNA field, continue to provide high-quality raw materials and technical services to Lotuslake biomedical and work together to help the Haichang Biological HC009 project complete the FDA IND application.


During the difficult time of the current epidemic situation in Shanghai, colleagues from Hzymes Biotech Shanghai R & D Center overcame many difficulties in epidemic prevention and daily life and stuck to the closed-loop management office for nearly a month. To ensure the smooth delivery of customer-related products, the mRNA enzymatic synthesis technology contributed to our strength.


As a biopharmaceutical raw materials company committed to becoming a “world-class supplier of core enzyme raw materials products and services,” Hzymes Biotech will continue put effects in the research & development of productions and services in the first place of the biotechnology, to pursue the commanding heights of technology as the development principle, to provide high standards and efficient products and services for domestic and foreign biomedical enterprises!

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