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Hzymes Invitation MDx2022 | The 8th China Advanced Molecular Diagnostics Technology and Application Forum

As the fastest-growing part of the IVD industry, molecular diagnostics have shown a blowout industry popularity and market potential in China and have also received key support from government policies, but it has also fallen into a situation of ineffective involution.

  • How to break the existing deadlock?
  • How do make iterative breakthroughs from the source/technology itself?
  • How to tap the blue ocean/clinical needs of application scenarios?
  • How to accelerate industrialization and clinical application? 

Are the common focus of all sectors of China’s molecular diagnostic industry.

Based on this, Hzymes Biotech will participate in The 8th China Molecular Diagnostics Advanced Technology and Application Forum(MDx2022), deeply Analyzed  the molecular diagnostic technology in the diagnosis of infectious diseases, and explored the development and application of pioneering technology with experts!?

Products Recommended

Biochemical diagnosis

OEM biochemical reagents

Molecular Diagnosis

Molecular Diagnosis


Roundtable Discussion

Mr. Han Shuai

Mr. Han Shuai

Discussion Topic:

Breakthroughs and Blue Ocean Exploration of Next-Generation Nucleic Acid Rapid Detection Technology

Time: 16:30-17:15 pm on August 19

Keynote Speech

Mr. Ran Subo

Mr. Ran Subo


Rapid detection of COVID-19 – LAMP overall solution introduction

Time: 10:30-11:00 am on August 19

We sincerely invite you to meet us at the 8th China Advanced Molecular Diagnostics Technology and Application Forum

Exhibition address: Crowne Plaza Wuhan Optics Valley

Booth No.: A03

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