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Invitation letter | Medlab Middle East 2023

Medlab Middle 2023

Medlab 2023 will be held at Dubai World Trade Center from February 06-08, 2023. As a professional international trade platform in the field of medical laboratory equipment and testing in the Middle East, Medlab Exhibition is Dubai’s earliest prepared and well-equipped professional laboratory instrument expo. As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, application and technical services of core raw materials for biomedicine and in vitro diagnosis, Hzymes biotech will participate in the 2023 Medlab Middle East as scheduled.

Medlab Expo

Invaitation Letter


Medlab Dubai 2023 is divided into online and offline exhibitions

  1. Online exhibition

Meeting time: 2023. 1.16 (Mon) – 3.09 (Thu)

Meeting link: https://app.swapcard.com/event/medlab-middle-east-2023-1


  1. Offline exhibition

Meeting time: 2023. 2.06 (Mon) – 08 (Wed)

Address: United Arab Emirates

Booth number: Z3D10-14

Main product recommendations

Proteinase K
SFAC-LAMP Constant Temperature Amplification Technology Overall Solution

Booth display

Booth display

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