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Overview mRNA CRO Service

mRNA CROs provide custom synthesis, purification, and characterization services for messenger RNA molecules used in research and clinical development. mRNA is a promising tool for developing new therapies for various diseases, and CROs offer quality control testing and assistance with formulation and delivery. CROs use techniques such as column chromatography, magnetic bead-based purification, and electrophoresis to purify mRNA molecules. They can also provide encapsulation in lipid nanoparticles or other delivery vehicles. mRNA CROs provide comprehensive services to support the development of mRNA-based therapeutics and research applications.

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Introduction of mRNA CRO Service

mRNA CRO (Contract Research Organization) service refers to a type of service provided by companies that specialize in the developmentand manufacturing of messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules for research and clinical purposes. These companies offer custom mRNA synthesis, purification, and characterization services to clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research sectors. mRNA is a type of genetic material that carries the genetic information from DNA to ribosomes, which then use the information to produce proteins.

In recent years, mRNA has emerged as a promising tool for the development of new therapies for various diseases, including cancer, infectious diseases, and genetic disorders.

mRNA CROs offer a range of services to support research and clinical development programs using mRNA, including:

Custom mRNA synthesis: CROs can synthesize mRNA molecules according to the client’s specifications, including modifications such as 5′-capping, poly(A) tailing, and internal modifications.

mRNA purification: mRNA CROs can purify mRNA molecules using various techniques, such as column chromatography, magnetic bead-based purification, and electrophoresis.

mRNA characterization: CROs can provide quality control testing of mRNA molecules, including assessments of purity, integrity, and concentration.

Formulation and delivery: CROs can provide assistance with the formulation and delivery of mRNA molecules, including encapsulation in lipid nanoparticles or other delivery vehicles.

mRNA CRO Service

Hzymes has rich experiences in the field of CRO services. We have cooperated with more than 30 companies and completed more than 80 projects .

q Sequence Design & Proof of Concept
q Production process development
q Production of mRNA stock solution
q LNP encapsulation
q Quality inspection method development and validation

q Nucleic acid purity detection, mRNA capping rate, mRNA A-tail length, double-stranded RNA residue in mRNA, sample’s RNase residue detection, sample’s DNase detection and other testing services can be provided by Hzymes Biotech.

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