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Hzymes Booth 3K62

Hzymes MEdica 2023! We are delighted to extend our formal announcement that Hzymes Biotech will be actively participating in Medica 2023, the prestigious World Forum for Medicine, to be held in Dusseldorf, Germany, from November 13th to 16th, 2023. We cordially invite you to join us at our designated booth, No. 3K62, where we will …

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HiQ-P21 Real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is the ability to monitor the PCR process while it is being performed (i.e., in real-time), allowing data to be collected in real-time during the PCR amplification process. In real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR), the reaction is characterized by the time point at which the target amplification is first …

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Bst banner

The newly upgraded BST is fast, sensitive, resistant, lyophilizable, and temperature-activated. As one of the mainstream solutions for molecular POCT on-site testing, LAMP technology has been widely accepted in various application fields due to its fast reaction speed, high sensitivity, and compatibility with multiple technology routes such as colorimetric, fluorescent, probe, and test strip. However, …

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FAD Approved

Hzymes help’s to get first mRNA vaccine IND approved by the US FDA Congratulations to Zhejiang Haichang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. for obtaining the approval of the US FDA (IND: 28424) for the IND application of the Novel  coronavirus mRNA vaccine booster project, which is the first mRNA vaccine project approved by the US FDA in China. US FDA Hzymes Biotech provided high-quality raw materials for the project and …

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Art 1

Hzymes New Building officially inaugurated. January 1, 2022 October 17 is a milestone time for every Hzymes person to celebrate and remember. Hzymes Building in Shanghai Comprehensive Industrial Development Zone was officially opened! Hzymes New Building In 2015, Hzymes was just an entrepreneurial team with a laboratory of only 100 square meters and a few people; today, Hzymes has five centers …

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Product list for Medica 2022 | Let us talk about Liver  Speaking of metabolic digestion, in the human organs, the most “bitter” digestive organ is the liver. In addition to his ability to metabolize, secrete digestive juices, detoxify, and early hematopoiesis, the amazing compensatory ability of the liver is also a true portrayal of his “model worker” …

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Hzymes Molecular diagnostic

CACLP Products List | Talk about molecular diagnostics It is estimated that the term “nucleic acid detection” is already known to everyone, and there are rap lyrics written specifically for “doing nucleic acid”, which can be called a brainwashing song. But what is “nucleic acid detection”? I believe everyone has some understanding from various scientific …

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CACLP product | Let us talk about Blood Lipid. Last time, we talked about our liver, which is sharing  all the suffering with our body. We have known that our liver became a “hard-hit area” with a high incidence of diseases due to undertaking important work for the operation of human body functions. However, the biggest risk to …

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