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Recombinant Protein CRO / CDMO Services

Hzymes Biotech specialize in providing Recombinant Protein CRO / CDMO services to Clints in worldwide, which includes the design, optimization, and scale-up of protein expression systems, as well as the production, purification, and characterization of recombinant proteins. These services are crucial for the development of new therapeutics, diagnostics, and research tools, and have become a key component of the biotech industry.

Four major service platforms

1.Expert of E. coli, Pichia pastoris strain construction technology

2.GMP strain library construction

3.Protein sequence research and design, soluble expression optimization

1.Fermentation process development and optimization

2.Purifification process development and optimization

3.Lyophilization process development and optimization

1.Fermentation scale-up and production

2.Purifification scale-up and production

3.Lyophilization production


1.Provide quality standard research

2.Quality control methodology development and validation

3.Delegation of sample testing

4.Stability study

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