"Hzymes" Each Molecule Promises Accuracy


Intended Use

This kit is used to quantitatively detect the content of CHOK1 host cell protein residues in samples.

Principle of the Procedure

A One-step immunosorbent ELISA method is used in this assay. Samples containing CHOK1 HCP simultaneously react with HRP-labeled goat anti-CHOK1 antibody and anti-CHOK1 antibody coated on the ELISA plate, finally forming a sandwich complex of solid-phase antibody-HCP-labeled antibody. Unbound antigen-antibody can be removed by washing the ELISA plate. The TMB substrate is added to the well for sufficient reaction. The color development is stopped after adding the stop solution, and the OD or absorbance value of the reaction solution at 450/650nm is read with a microplate reader. The OD value or absorbance value is proportional to the HCP content in the solution. From this, the HCP concentration in the solution can be calculated according to the standard curve.

Storage and stability

  1. Transport at 2 ~ 8°C Storage conditions are as shown in Table 1; components 1-2 are stored ≤–20°C, 3-8 are stored at 2-8℃; the validity period is 12 months.


Product parameters

  1. Sensitivity: 1ng/mL
  2. Detection range: 3-100ng/mL
  3. Precision: Intra-assay CV≤ 10% ,

inter- assay CV≤ 15%

  1. HCP coverage : >80 %
  3. Specificity: This kit is universal as it specifically reacts with CHOK1 HCP independent of purification process.

Reagent preparation

  1. PBST 0.05% Take 15 ml of 20×PBST 0.05%, diluted in ddH2O, and made up to 300 ml.  1.0% BSA Take 1g of BSA from the bottle and dilute

in 100 ml of PBST 0.05%, mix well until completely dissolved, and store at 2-8°C.

The prepared dilution buffer is valid for 7days. It is recommended to prepare as needed.

  1. Detection solution 2μg/mL Take 48μL of 0.5 mg/mL Anti-CHO HCP-HRP and dilute in 11,952μL of 1% BSA to obtain a final concentra

-tion of 2μg/mL detection solution. 4.QC and Preparation of CHOK1 HCP Standards