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Co-capping T7 in vitro transcription reagent (N1-Me-pUTP,CAP GAG )

Product Specification 

50 Tests

Product Overview

The Co-Transcriptional Capping T7 In Vitro Transcription Kit has been optimized for transcription reactions using T7 RNA polymerase. It allows for in vitro transcription using linear double-stranded DNA templates containing T7 promoter sequences and NTPs as substrates to transcribe downstream DNA sequences. In a co-transcriptional manner, the capping reagent CAP GAG (3’OMe) is introduced at the 5′ end of mRNA, allowing customers to easily and quickly obtain a large quantity of RNA with Cap1 structure. The addition of Cap1 protects mRNA from degradation, ensuring efficient translation of the mRNA. The kit includes the commonly used modified nucleoside N1-Me-pUTP for transcription needs. Modified nucleosides can effectively reduce the immunogenicity of mRNA, suppress innate immune activation, making mRNA a powerful tool in regenerative medicine, disease therapy, and cell reprogramming.

With a single reaction, this kit can transcribe and yield 150~200 μg of RNA products, suitable for milligram-scale RNA production. The transcribed RNA can be used in various applications, including RNA structure and function studies, RNase protection, probe hybridization, anti-sense RNA, and RNAi.

Transport and Storage:

Transport at temperatures at or below 0°C, and store at temperatures ranging from -25°C to -15°C.

Catalog Number

The Certificate Of Analysis (COA)  & Material  Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Is A Signed Document That Includes The Storage Temperature, 

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