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Co-capping T7 in vitro transcription reagent (N1-Me-pUTP,CAP GAG (3'OMe) )

Product Specification 
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Product Overview:

The Co-Transcriptional Capping T7 In Vitro Transcription Kit has been optimized for transcription reactions using T7 RNA polymerase. It allows for in vitro transcription using linear double-stranded DNA templates containing T7 promoter sequences and NTPs as substrates to transcribe downstream DNA sequences. In a co-transcriptional manner, the capping reagent CAP GAG (3’OMe) is introduced at the 5′ end of mRNA, allowing customers to easily and quickly obtain a large quantity of RNA with Cap1 structure. The addition of Cap1 protects mRNA from degradation, ensuring efficient translation of the mRNA. The kit includes the commonly used modified nucleoside N1-Me-pUTP for transcription needs. Modified nucleosides can effectively reduce the immunogenicity of mRNA, suppress innate immune activation, making mRNA a powerful tool in regenerative medicine, disease therapy, and cell reprogramming.

With a single reaction, this kit can transcribe and yield 150~200 μg of RNA products, suitable for milligram-scale RNA production. The transcribed RNA can be used in various applications, including RNA structure and function studies, transfection, microinjection, in vitro transcription, and research on preclinical mRNA therapies.


Transport and Storage:

Transport at temperatures at or below 0°C, and store at temperatures ranging from -25°C to -15°C.

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The Certificate Of Analysis (COA)  & Material  Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Is A Signed Document That Includes The Storage Temperature, 

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