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Hi-yield T7 in vitro transcription reagent (Thermostable )

Product Specification 

50 Tests

Product Overview

T7 Thermostable RNA Polymerase is capable of performing in vitro transcription at a higher temperature, specifically at 50°C. It uses linear double-stranded DNA templates containing T7 promoter sequences and NTPs as substrates to transcribe downstream DNA sequences, resulting in the generation of RNA products. T7 Thermostable RNA Polymerase can also utilize modified nucleosides as substrates to produce biotinylated, dye-labeled, or radiolabeled RNA, as well as capped RNA with cap-like structures. The higher-temperature reaction helps reduce the formation of dsRNA byproducts, thereby decreasing the immunogenicity of transcribed RNA products. The kit includes the commonly used modified nucleoside N1-Me-pUTP for transcription needs.

With a single reaction, this kit can transcribe and yield 150~200 μg of RNA products, suitable for milligram-scale RNA production. The transcribed RNA can be used in various applications, including RNA structure and function studies, RNase protection, probe hybridization, anti-sense RNA, and RNAi. It can also be modified using the Vaccinia Capping System (HBP000606) and 2′-O-methyltransferase (HBP000701) for capping, or Poly(A) Polymerase (HBP000801) for polyadenylation, to generate mRNA for downstream applications like in vitro translation and transfection.

Transport and Storage:

Transport at temperatures at or below 0°C, and store at temperatures ranging from -25°C to -15°C.

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The Certificate Of Analysis (COA)  & Material  Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Is A Signed Document That Includes The Storage Temperature, 

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