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Biopharmaceutical raw materials are mainly natural biological materials, and with the development of biotechnology, purposefully artificially prepared biological raw materials have become the main source of current biopharmaceutical raw materials. It is widely used in the research and development and production process of mRNA vaccines, inactivated vaccines, blood products, antibody drugs, recombinant therapeutic proteins, gene therapy and other biological products. Hzymes Biotech is based on unique technical advantages. R&D and production of GMP-grade all-round nucleases and recombinant trypsins, and provide one-stop solutions for mRNA vaccine and drug development/production.

mRNA vaccine

Based on their unique mechanism of action, mRNA drugs have great potential for application in the treatment of infectious diseases, cancer and rare diseases. Hzymes Biotech can stably supply GMP-grade enzyme raw materials, substrates and detection kits required for mRNA vaccines. At the same time, Hzymes Biotech undertakes commissioned development (CRO) services to provide professional solutions from templates, transcription to modification.


Hzymes Botech provides GMP-level all-round nucleases derived from Serratia visceralis, genetically engineered to degrade all forms of DNA and RNA, including single-stranded, double-stranded, linear, cyclic, double-helix, natural and denatured nucleic acids, digest them into 3-5 base length 5′-monophosphate oligonucleotide residue fragments, which can be applied to lentiviral purification, vaccine production, drug purification, gene therapy and other fields. 

Recombinant Trypsin

Hzymes Biotech recombinant trypsin, can specifically cleave lysine and arginine C-terminal peptide bonds, widely used in tissue and monolayer cell dissociation. Compared with trypsin extracted from pigs and cattle pancreas, recombinant trypsin has higher biosecurity and can replace the traditional extraction of pancreatin in the biopharmaceutical industry where there are strict restrictions on animal-derived materials such as vaccines, stem cells, immune cell therapy, and insulin production.