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Immunodiagnostics use immunological methods to diagnose various diseases and determine immune status, mainly used in hepatitis detection, tumor detection, pregnancy testing and other test items. Hzymes Biotech has built HEK293 rapid transient expression system and stable high expression screening system, which can quickly screen out the highest expression of 0.01% cell lines from 108-9 HEK293 stable cell populations, providing core raw materials for blood group detection, cancer early screening, and autoimmune antibody detection projects.

Alkaline phosphatase ALP chemiluminescent system

Based on the excellent chemical synthesis process, Hzymes Biotech also has a strong technical team in the field of fine chemicals, independently developed and mass-produced the core raw material based on enzymatic chemiluminescence immunoassay – luminescent substrate: alkaline phosphatase (ALP) system chemiluminescent substrate APS-5 and AMPPAD. The chemiluminescent substrate of the alkaline phosphatase system rapidly releases photons under the action of alkaline phosphatase, and within a specific ALP concentration range, the number of photons released is proportional to the ALP concentration in the solution, which is suitable for the chemiluminescent immunoassay reagent system with ALP as the labeling enzyme.