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Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular diagnostic technology is based on DNA or RNA as the diagnostic raw material, using molecular biology methods to detect the presence, defect or abnormality of genes, which is of great significance for predicting the diagnosis of diseases, selecting treatment methods, and monitoring the effect of treatment. Nucleic acid extraction, fluorescence quantitative PCR, and isothermal amplification techniques are widely used molecular biology techniques for extracting, amplifying, and detecting DNA and RNA sequences. With years of rich experience in R&D and a unique enzyme creation technology platform, Hzymes Biotech can provide a full range of molecular diagnostic related raw materials, including nucleic acid extraction, PCR, isothermal amplification and general raw materials.

Nucleic acid extraction

Hzymes Biotech provides a variety of nucleic acid extraction core raw materials, including protease K, magnetic beads, nucleic acid extraction kits (magnetic bead method), extracting and purifying genomic DNA from a wide variety of sample species, and processing nasopharyngeal swabs, saliva, urine, blood and other liquid samples. The protease K directly lyses the virus to inactivate it, while hydrolyzing RNase/DNase to prevent RNA degradation of the virus; The magnetic beads bind to the nucleic acid, and the magnetic beads bound with nucleic acids are separated from the impurities, and the nucleic acid extraction is completed in as little as 6.5 minutes to purify the high-quality DNA. 


Hzymes Biotech has a one-stop PCR technology service platform, R & D and production of CORE PCR enzyme raw materials, while providing solutions to meet a variety of PCR applications, including Real-time PCR, RT-PCR, hot-start PCR and other technologies.


The ring-mediated isothermal amplification reaction (LAMP) can be used for nucleic acid detection without relying on PCR instruments, and can be applied to special scenarios such as customs, environment, and food inspection. Hzymes Biotech not only has a full range of enzyme products of lamp system, but also provides services such as primer design and adaptation system optimization, realizes the simultaneous progress of visual detection system and fluorescence detection system, and provides you with a full range of services from primer design to lyophilization process transfer.

Purpose Raw Material

Hzymes Biotech provides customers with a variety of concentrations of nucleic acid detection substrate raw material deoxyribonucleoside triphosphate (dNTP), including dNTP master mix and A, T, C, G, U separate solutions. While ensuring 99% purity, we strictly control heterozymatic contamination such as DNase, RNase, and Nickase to eliminate heavy metal ion residues to the greatest extent, improve amplification efficiency, and ensure detection sensitivity.