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mRNA Capping Rate Pretreatment Assay Kit

Product Specification 
10 Test
100 Test

Product Overview:

Capping is a critical quality attribute for mRNA vaccines, as a cap structure at the 5′ end of mRNA is necessary to protect the mRNA molecule from degradation and promote protein translation.

The mRNA Capping Rate Detection Sample Pretreatment Kit is designed for efficient and reproducible sample preparation for the analysis of 5′ end sequences by LC-MS of mRNA samples requiring capping rate assessment.

This kit includes pre-made 4×RNase H Mix, streptavidin-coated magnetic beads, and an optimized protocol, allowing for the preparation of mass spectrometry-ready samples within 3 hours.

Transport and Storage:

Transport at temperatures below 0°C; store streptavidin-coated magnetic beads and washing solutions at 2~8°C, and the rest at -25~-15°C.

Catalog Number

The Certificate Of Analysis (COA)  & Material  Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Is A Signed Document That Includes The Storage Temperature, 

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