"Hzymes" Each Molecule Promises Accuracy

GMP-grade mRNA therapy Enzymes & QC reagents and CRO Services


Enzyme Engineering Expert:Specialize in protein sequence design and engineering and soluble protein expression optimization

Large-scale GMP Protein and Enzyme Production Facility:Equipped with 5L-50L-500L-2.5t-25t fermenters and D75-D100-D200-D300-D450-D800 chromatographic columns and 0.2㎡-0.5㎡-2㎡-40㎡Lyophilizer to meet your needs.

CRO Service
CRO Service

What We Provide

GMP-grade mRNA therapy Enzymes, quality control kits and mRNA CRO Services

Raw material enzymes ⇒ Process Development ⇒ CRO service ⇒ Quality control kits

mRNA CRO services, including but not limited to:

1. mRNA Synthesis Process Development and Optimization

2. LNP Encapsulation Process Development and Optimization

3. Analytical methods development & Validation

4. Customized mRNA antigen Production

5. Proof-of-Concept study of mRNA therapy

  • mRNA therapy- associated Enzymes and Reagents


One-stop Solution for mRNA synthesis: Hzymes’s production facility accommodate to small to large scale to commercial-scale of GMP-grade mRNA enzymes production, with scales ranging from micrograms to kilograms compliant to US FDA, NMPA standards and regulations:

mRNA enzymes and reagents, including but not limited to:

Restriction Enzymes

In vitro transcription and modification

mRNA capping and Tailing

Purification/quality Control kits

Bsa I

BspQ I

T7 RNA polymerse (30+ mutants)

Recombinant RNase inhibitors

Inorganic pyroselase (yeast)

High yield RNA synthesis kit (low dsRNA)

Vaccinia Capping Enzyme

mRNA Cap-2′- O-Methyltransferase

Alkaline Phosphatase

Cap analogs

Proteinase K


DNase Assay Kit 

RNase Assay Kit