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mRNA In vitro synthesis solution

mRNA vaccines are a new type of vaccine that causes human cells to produce antigens by introducing pathogenic mRNA or cancer cell mRNA, which in turn triggers an adaptive immune response to achieve immune effects. The core component of the mRNA vaccine is the mRNA molecule that encodes the antigen. These mRNA molecules are wrapped in special vectors such as solid lipid nanoparticles, which both play a role in protecting relatively fragile mRNA molecules and assisting these mRNA molecules to enter the cell.


Hzymes provides comprehensive customization services and a full set of GMP-level tool enzymes, nucleotides, and hat structures (see product center for details). Our products are highly optimized to ensure the preparation of safe, efficient and reliable mRNA vaccines. With five core technology platforms, Hzymes develops and produces mRNAs with sufficient protein expression and effective target delivery in vivo to support your experiments and therapies.

mRNA image service

mRNA vaccine development/production focus

Hzymes mRNA vaccine R&D and production services mainly focus on two aspects:

  • Synthesize and purify mRNA with sufficient protein expression
  1. Modification of 5UTR and 3UTR structures to enhance the half-life of mRNA vaccines and prolong the action time of vaccines
  2. Add 5′ cap structure (Cap) and polyadenylation poly(A) tail structure to enhance the stability of mRNA vaccine
  3. Purification, removal of impurities
  • Efficient targeted delivery of mRNA in vivo