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mRNA VACCINE & DRUG Production

In the fight against the COVID-19, mRNA vaccine became famous and attracted lots of atten-tion. Based on its unique mechanism, mRNA drugs have great application potential in the fields of infectious disease prevention, cancer and the treatment of various diseases.

At present, the research hotspots of mRNA drugs mainly focus on the mode of action and the process route of mRNA. Although mRNA drug research has ushered in a booming market, it also faces imperfect challenges in raw materials, technology, regulations and supply chains.

Hzymes can provide enzyme raw materials, substrates and detection kits with high quality, as well as undertake commissioned development (CRO) services, to achieve compliant, quick, stable target in drug development and production.

mrna Vaccine & druges production service

Products Recommendation

T7 RNA polymerase

T7 RNA polymerase plays an important role in the process of in vitro transcription of mRNA. T7 RNA polymerase specifically recognizes T7 promoter, using single- or double-stranded DNA containing T7 promoter as template and nucleotide (NTP) as substrate, synthesize RNA complen-tary to DNA. We can provide high-yield T7 RNA Polymerase (T7 RNA Polymerase) for synthesizing long or short strand mRNA.

T7 results

Product Features
High RNA Yield.
Transcription efficiency increases 30%.
Transcription length up to 10K.

Hzymes Biotech T7 RNA polymerase series guide

high yield per unit volume is required (high yield is more suitable for industrial production)


Hzymes Biotech RNase enzyme can efficiently inhibit the activity of RNaseA, RNaseB, and RNaseC, without nuclease pollution and sterile DNA residue. Improve the yield of RNA experimental products and improve the integrity of IVT product mRNA, which is suitable for almost all experiments that are sensitive to RNA integrity.

Hzymes Biotech Recombinant RNase Inhibitor Series Guidance:

In addition to the high-quality key raw materials used in the production of mRNA drugs, Hzymes biotech also provides a variety of reporter mRNA and finished mRNA for gene editing to meet your needs for delivery system screening and purification process development. In addition, Hzymes biotech can also provide high-level customized CRO/CDMO synthesis services to meet your needs in the development and production of mRNA drugs and accelerate the construction of production lines. Hzymes biotech mRNA stock solution series guide: