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Microfluidics Ultrahigh-through put Screening Platform

The intrinsic properties of natural enzymes have confined their applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Directed evolution of enzymes – the pioneering technology first introduced by the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner Dr. Frances H. Arnold. She introduces the concept of evolution into enzyme molecular modification, making it possible for hundreds of millions of natural enzymes uphold for the good of human beings.

Hzymes has established a global leading microfluidic uHTS platform that enables ultra-high-throughput screening of enzyme mutant libraries on the single-cell level, with the throughput capacity of up to 10⁷ tests per day (100,000 times as fast as conventional screening techniques) and the costs equal to 1/1000 of conventional screening techniques. Supported by directed evolution of enzymes, our microfluidic uHTS platform is a revolutionary real-world attempt of applying evolved enzymes in industrial manufacturing. Based on the microfluidic uHTS platform, over 100 enzyme raw materials in IVD industry have successfully developed. Hzymes continues to make breakthroughs to develop into a nationally and globally leading IVD microfluidic supplier.

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