"Hzymes" Each Molecule Promises Accuracy

Molecular Diagnostics POCT

The COVID-19 epidemic, began in 2020, has greatly promoted the development of the global molecular diagnostic market and technology. The market is rapidly expanding, competition is gradually intensifying, and new technologies are emerging one after another. Enterprises are facing urgent needs for technology upgrades and product application scenario expansion.

With the development of rapid amplification technology, freeze-drying process, integrated design of instruments and reagents, and constant temperature amplification technology, it is more convenient and faster to go out of the medical laboratory, and the value of user-centered molecular diagnosis POCT is becoming more and more obvious. The needs of users in different scenarios are different, but convenience, speed, sensitivity and accuracy, easy storage and transportation, and controllable costs are the continuous driving forces for market development.

The molecular diagnostic technology route that does not rely on medical laboratories has continuously made breakthroughs. In the near future, molecular diagnostic POCT is imperative. Hzyme is willing to work with industry colleagues to promote continuous technological breakthroughs. We sincerely invite you to participate in this molecular diagnostic POCT technology trend research activities.