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Protein Bulk Preparation

Hzymes has a complete set of protein mass production system, including microbial fermentation system, protein purification service system, protein freeze-drying system, to provide customers with microbial fermentation system optimization, production strain selection services, protein purification solutions, protein freezing Dry conditions optimized service.

  1. Service section

1.1 Optimization Services of Microbial Fermentation Process

Hzymes has mastered the mature strain selection and breeding technology, and can provide customers with a complete set of strain selection services. At the same time, based on the understanding of molecular and cellular levels, it can focus on research on nutrition, environmental conditions, microbial metabolic characteristics, auxiliary Factors, as well as microbial physiological responses under stress conditions, influence mechanisms and control strategies on biological processes. Hzymes can design and optimize fermentation conditions for customers, and provide all pictures and experimental records after the service. 

1.2 Protein purification technical services

Hzymes R&D team has accumulated rich experience in recombinant protein purification services, with affinity column, gel filtration, ion exchange, hydrophobic chromatography, dialysis ultrafiltration, high performance liquid chromatography technology. In the process of protein purification, Hzymes strictly follows the corresponding SOP and QC standards. The protein yield is over 90%, and the protein purity is over 95%.

1.3 Protein lyophilization conditions optimization service

Hzymes can not only optimize customers’ current Some freeze-drying processes can also provide customers with customized protein freeze-drying processes. Freeze-drying the enzyme preparation into powder can effectively improve the stability of the product, and at the same time facilitate the storage and transportation of the product. Hzymes’ new enzyme protein preparation team has been exploring protein freeze-drying technology for many years, and has accumulated rich experience in freeze-drying, which effectively solves the problems of loss of activity and protein aggregation and denaturation during protein freeze-drying.