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The use of Proteinase K is crucial for numerous experiments conducted in laboratories because of its broad-spectrum protease, stability, and tractability. This enzyme can isolate the native nucleic acids, DNAs, and RNAs through the digestion of proteins. Given the market demand for Proteinase K, large-scale production is required to meet the needs in the industry. However, any variances can increase the difficulties during the production of the enzyme.

The old-fashion large-scale production of Proteinase K not only requires a large input of protective agents, special origin, equipment, and personnel to prevent the dissolution of other proteins while maintaining their stability and proper level of protease activity. But it also causes pigment and nucleic acid during the fermentation, which increases the costs to remove and decreases recovery. During the preparation, higher precipitation levels often occur with the increase in the concentration of lyophilization protectants over 20mg/mL, which is required to ensure high solid content. And longer lead time to screen the enzyme’s expression system and strain at the highest expression due to degradation of proteins and causation of severe toxicity to expressing host cells.

Hzymes has been engaged in the mining and characterization of enzyme genes, optimization, and remodeling of enzymes, as well as the screening of high-performance enzymes. With years of experience, we have devoted ourselves to a fully developed protein expression and purification platform of recombinant proteins with new high-tech equipment and a professional R&D team. The exclusive enzyme production facility ensures and produces the highest quality and stability of the enzyme for our business partners. The optimization of large-scale production capacity to over 30KG of lyophilized powder per month is what makes us stand out in the industry. This resilient production system is not only capable to fulfill and satisfy our customers’ needs in a timely and flexible manner. But it also ensures the consistency of Proteinase K’s stable performance, high enzyme ratio activity, and without host cytochrome and nucleic acid residue.

Hzymes uses the rapid and accurate process development platform,

 (1) Structural analysis enhances enzymes activity and improve the efficiency of enzyme catalysis which is more than 45U/mg.

 (2) Bioinformatics directs the modification of enzyme stability, thermal collapse in more than 6 days at 37°C which is less than 5%.

 (3) Molecular dynamics simulation improved the resistance of the enzyme to denaturant, and the resistance to denaturant exceeded that of imported brands.

At present, Hzymes has the largest PRK production line in China, 25 ton fermenter, equipped with 25kg/batch large-scale protein purification equipment, and 40㎡lyophilizer. It meets the requirements of mass production and quality, with an annual production capacity of 1000kg and supply to the US, Germany, South Korea, India, Iran and the others.