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Reagent customization: reagent customization service platform

At present, the manufacturers focusing on in vitro diagnostic reagents on the market mostly source their enzyme raw materials from external sources, while those who focus on making enzyme raw materials are relatively weak in the field of in vitro diagnostic reagents. One of the characteristics of Hzymes is that it is “the first domestic independent developer of key special enzyme materials + supporting reagents”. Hzymes has a domestic top reagent research and development team and a variety of mainstream biochemical instruments, and is committed to providing users with high-quality and efficient in vitro diagnostic reagent development services. Strong technical capabilities ensure high quality products, and provide technical services to help customers adjust and refine formulas, assist you in the development and production of in vitro diagnostic reagents on biochemical, immunoturbidimetric, and POCT platforms, so that your business can achieve more efficient, high quality development.

  1. Service section:

1.1 In vitro diagnostic reagent research and development services

Hzymes can provide a series of comprehensive and integrated services for the research and development of various in vitro diagnostic reagents, aiming to help customers solve the performance defects of reagents, shorten research and development time, and reduce research and development costs. Currently available in vitro diagnostic reagent R&D technical services include:

① Development of reagent formulations;

② Evaluation and improvement of reagent performance;

③ Search for key material substitutes;

④ Research and development of reagent matching calibrators and quality control products;

1.2 Improvement and optimization of production process

In addition to diagnostic reagent research and development services, Hzymes is also committed to creating the best diagnostic reagent production process for users, so that you can turn the research and development results into productivity in the shortest time. In the production process section, we can provide the following services:

① Production data collection and analysis

② Increased utilization of raw materials and substitution of raw materials

③ Technical support service

④ R&D, production management consulting services