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In the fight against the COVID-19, mRNA vaccine became famous and attracted lots of atten-tion. Based on its unique mechanism, mRNA drugs have great application potential in the fields of infectious disease prevention, cancer and the treatment of various diseases.


COVID-19 has put molecular diagnostic products around the world through an unprecedented test. In the event of human outbreaks and animal disease inspections, the demand for molecular diagnostic POCT

Molecular Diagnostics POCT

The molecular diagnostic technology route that does not rely on medical laboratories has continuously made breakthroughs. In the near future, molecular diagnostic POCT is imperative.

Compound Customization

Hzymes has a professional chemical technical personnel team, of which more than 60% of the scientific research personnel have master's degree or above, and all have excellent chemical synthesis technology.

Reagent Customization

At present, the manufacturers focusing on in vitro diagnostic reagents on the market mostly source their enzyme raw materials from external sources, while those who focus on making enzyme raw materials are relatively weak in the field of in vitro diagnostic reagents.

Protein Mass Production

Hzymes has a complete set of protein mass production system, including microbial fermentation system, protein purification service system, protein freeze-drying system, to provide customers with microbial fermentation system optimization

Enzyme molecule optimization and transformation

Hzymes team has rich experience in the exploration, optimization and transformation of enzyme resources, and can discover new enzyme sources from the huge enzymatic resources, and optimize and transform the most suitable enzyme molecules.

mRNA In Vitro Synthesis Solutions

mRNA vaccines are a new type of vaccine that causes human cells to produce antigens by introducing pathogenic mRNA or cancer cell mRNA, which in turn triggers an adaptive immune response to achieve immune effects...

OEM & Commercial Services

In vitro diagnostics and life sciences companies rely on continuous innovation and continuous optimization of products to meet scientific research and clinical trials. Business cooperation has effectively promoted the market to understand a variety of innovative products faster...

GMP-grade mRNA CRO Services

GMP-grade mRNA therapy solutions: Enzymes, QC kits, & CRO Services for precision in cutting-edge medical advancements.