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Ultra Nuclease Assay Kit(ELISA)

Ultra Nuclease Assay Kit (ELISA)

  • Wide Application: It can degrade all forms of DNA and RNA and digest them into a length of 3-5 bases.
  • High purity & Activity: Purity ≥99%, specific activity ≥1.1×106U/mg.
  • Strong Adaptability: Able to maintain high stability and digestive activity under conditions including 6M Urea, 0.1M Guanidine HCl, 0.4%Triton X-100, 0.1% SDS, 1mM EDTA or 1mM PMSF.
  • Compliance with Pharmacopoeia: Animal-origin free, β -amide antibiotics free. High Production Standard.
  • High Production Standard: GMP-standard production, meeting requirements for large-scale use from R&D to production.

The Certificate Of Analysis (COA) & Material  Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Is A Signed Document That Includes The Storage Temperature, 

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