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Hzymes Biotech got the rank in the list of Hurun Global Gazelle Enterprise in the 621 companies

Recently, the Hurun Research Institute released the 2022 Hurun Global Gazelle Enterprise, which lists the high-growth enterprises that are most likely to reach a valuation of one billion US dollars after the year 2000 and within three years in the future. Hzymes Biotech is on the list, becoming one of the 621 companies on the global growth enterprise list.

Hurun Global Gazelle Enterprise

The 621 high-growth gazelle companies found by Hurun Research Institute around the world are distributed in 33 countries and 151 cities. The United States ranked first with 238, adding 37. China ranked second with 200, an increase of 29. Among them, 61 are newly listed, and Hzymes Biotech is one of them. 74% of the 621 Gazelle companies sell software and services, 26% sell physical products, 58% are B2B companies, and 42% are direct-to-consumers. The healthcare, financial services, and business management industries are the most affected by them.

Hurun Global Gazelle Enterprise List

As an innovative enterprise providing core raw materials for biomedicine, Hzymes Biotech takes the five major technology platforms as research and development support, makes full use of its technological leadership and forward-looking advantages, and exerts its academic cutting-edge information collection and collation capabilities, not only in the existing in vitro diagnostic products core raw materials comprehensive layout but in the field of core raw materials for mRNA vaccine preparation, while achieving breakthroughs in products and technical services.

mRNA vaccine preparation service

As a high-growth gazelle enterprise, Hzymes Biotech not only focuses on the existing core raw material needs of biomedicine, but also looks at the commanding heights of future technology, and lays out the platform of synthetic biology and electrochemical microfluidics control technology in the early stage. It has set up a relevant professional team to combine technical principles and applied product development, and has achieved phased results in the fields of nucleic acid POCT detection system, blood group antigen synthesis, and macromolecular enzyme synthesis, laying a solid foundation for Hzymes Biotech in the future competition.

Becoming a global high-growth gazelle enterprise is only a milestone in the pursuit of grand goals by Hzymes Biotech, and our innovative thinking and persistent pursuit in the future development of the biomedical industry will be pulled into a greater sail, with the strong wind of industrial development, sail to a more lofty star sea, and contribute to the progress of biological science and technology of all mankind!

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